The Kings Symphony Orchestra is supported solely through memberships and donations. Your support provides funds for hall rentals, the purchase of music scores and many other expenses involved with the production of a performance. KSO wants to remain a viable part of the community. It is through your support that we are able to bring quality musical performances to Hanford. KSO appreciates and thanks all of those who support the orchestra.
If you are planning to purchase a season ticket, it would be greatly appreciated if you could mail your check prior to the first concert. This facilitates adding your name to the programs and will help us seat the audience more quickly at the first concert.


Special Contributors

  • Gold Chair Sponsor $ 1,000
  • Silver Star Sponsor $ 500
  • Chair Sponsor $ 250
  • Sponsor $ 125
  • Patron $100

Special level contributors receive Family Pass and program recognition.  (A Family Pass is 4 individuals in the same residence.)

  • Sustaining $ 75
    Sustaining level contributors receive 2 individual season passes for all performances
  • Contributing $50
    Contributing level contributors receive 1 individual season pass for all performances